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LITELOK X1 Stops Theft in London #1

LITELOK X1 Stops Theft in London #1

Last year, Cycling Weekly reported that 'A bike is stolen every 16 minutes in London.' Following their submission of a Freedom of Information request to the Met Police, they were able to reveal data on bike thefts in London.

Their findings showed that between "2017 to 2021 – a huge 162,943 bicycles were reported stolen in London." Of these thefts, only 4,278 were ever retrieved, many damaged or only partly recovered. Looking at data from bicycle insurer, Bikmo's theft map, it correlates data from Met Police in showing that London is heavily affected when it comes to cycle theft. 

Bikmo  bike theft map of London

We recently heard from LITELOK customer, Benjamin Teare about the attempted theft of his bike near his flat in London. 

Litelok X1 d-lock angle grinder attempted theft
The LITELOK X1 withstood angle grinder attack!

Benjamin got in touch via email to tell us about what happened. 
"When I had a fairly new bike stolen from outside my flat in broad daylight, I was gutted. I hadn't realised that thieves could get through most D-locks so I'd thought it was safe. When I bought a new bike I didn't want to take any chances, so invested in an X1. Two weeks later my new bike was parked in a busy spot near my flat in the daytime and after only half an hour I can see someone tried to use an angle-grinder (probably the same thief). They tried a few times from the look of the marks, but the lock is totally fine. It's already paid for itself and hopefully they won't even bother next time!"
This is just one of the reasons we created our Litelok X range. To help prevent thefts with angle grinders. We're really happy to hear that Benjamin's new bike didn't get stolen and our X1 did its job.

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